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Introducing Goldn: A Soon-to-be One-Stop-Shop for Beauty Brands

Elizabeth Heath

Sep 23, 2021 · 4 min read

Introducing Goldn A Soon-to-be One-Stop-Shop for Beauty Brands_goldn

This September, Goldn launches a new digital platform aimed at radically simplifying cosmetic product development for Beauty Brands and Cosmetic Product Developers.

Read this Q&A with Goldn’s Head of Sales & Marketing, Arianna Andrews, and get to know more about Goldn and the launch of the Goldn Product Builder.

Q: Goldn is brand new to the beauty scene. What exactly is Goldn?

A: Goldn is an online platform and a one-of-a-kind digital ecosystem that makes it possible for anyone and everyone to create formula-based cosmetic products, regardless of their level of technical experience or company size.

We want to help beauty brands, cosmetic product developers and the global supply chain to work together simply – no small task! – and get new products to market faster.

Our mission is to drive innovation in the Chemicals space, and we’re starting with an exciting industry that I know and love: Beauty, Cosmetics & Personal Care.

Q: Okay, Goldn is a platform, but what exactly is a “digital ecosystem”?

A: Simply put, a digital ecosystem is a place where multiple people can find each other, communicate and do business. A digital ecosystem puts together different pieces of the value chain, so its users can find more (more answers, solutions, and value) in one single space.

Goldn is more than “just” a project management system, a directory, concierge, or e-commerce platform taken by themselves. We combine SaaS technology, community, and professional networks, and finally marketplace, so that brands and suppliers can work – in one space – across multiple phases of product development, from search-and-discover, through to development, all the way until launch.

Q: Wow, that sounds like a lot. How will you accomplish that?

A: The scope is definitely large! But we see how by addressing the “big picture,” people in the industry will get immense value. Brands and suppliers today need convenience and speed – that is what a complete digital ecosystem brings.

To get there, we are building Goldn incrementally and will be releasing and optimizing functionalities all the time.

Our first release is this September 28, when we launch the Goldn Product Builder.

Q: Sounds exciting. What is the Goldn Product Builder?

A: The Goldn Product Builder is the first piece of our platform and digital ecosystem, aimed at helping Beauty Brands and aspiring cosmetic creators.

Brands will be able to use the Product Builder to brainstorm and share product ideas on interactive galleries, plan the entire product creation process using a smart product brief, and manage tasks throughout development till launch, all while getting guidance and expert advice.

After launch and over time, the Product Builder will offer more features for Beauty Brands and new features for Cosmetic Suppliers.

Many cosmetic suppliers struggle with visibility and finding the right clients for their specific services, products, and capabilities. Many have no business plan to address lower order quantities for small and medium-sized companies.

We feel that performing a B2B task shouldn't be any harder than, say, comparing and selecting a product on Amazon, or finding and booking a rental on Airbnb. Developers should keep this at the forefront of their minds, which has been the focus at Goldn from the start of the development process.

Goldn will enable cosmetic suppliers, like ingredient suppliers, regulatory and safety consultants, test institutes, technical consultants, contract manufacturers, distributors, marketing agencies, packaging and labeling suppliers, to showcase their products and services, get more leads and generally broaden their audience through a digital sales channel.

Q: Who will be able to use the Goldn Product Builder?

A: In September, Indie Beauty Brands, cosmetic start-ups, beauty founders, brand managers, and rising cosmetic companies will be able to transport their ideas all the way from the dream stage to the global supply chain and into production.

Over time, Goldn will become the one-stop-shop for professional cosmetic product developers and suppliers for end-to-end cosmetic product development and for purchasing products and services needed to make and launch a new beauty product to market.

Q: Aren’t Beauty Brands already using tools to create cosmetic products?

A: Yes and no. We found that existing technologies are either too generic, too technical, or not complete – like when you find “only” an e-commerce store or a supplier directory. None of them meet the needs of today’s cosmetic product developers.

Cosmetic Creators today want a smart, centralized, and simple workspace that connects them to information, people, and solutions all in one space.

The Product Builder is a project management tool that works differently than others on the market. We built it specifically for Cosmetic Creation, to help developers through steps that are specific to the industry. Plus, it’s collaborative, interactive, and accessible from anywhere, which is a must-have now with remote teams.

And, it is a joy to use! We made “simplicity” a sort of holy grail in development – because cosmetic product creation is anything but simple. We wanted the user experience to be intuitive and friendly.

The Product Builder is easy-to-use, safe, and accessible. You don’t have to be a formulator to use the platform, or work for a cosmetics company; but if you do, then chances are you will enjoy the platform too. You’ll see how its simplicity helps cut time to market.

Q: When was Goldn founded, and by whom?

A: Our company was founded in February 2021 with a mission to create the simplest, most collaborative product-building platform for formulation-driven industries.

Goldn’s CEO is Udo Eberlein, a seasoned tech entrepreneur with a phenomenal track record in tech enterprise and start-up leadership. And our core team are co-founders at Goldn, each bringing deep industry knowledge and experience in digital technology.

Q: What is Goldn’s business philosophy?

A: We believe everyone can create something new.

We want to make it possible for anyone to make formula-based products, regardless of their level of experience or background. Through smart, collaborative, and easy-to-use technology, we want to help product creators and the global supply chain to work simply and delightfully – and get products to market faster.

We work with a spirit of collaboration, transparency, optimism, and integrity. Our team is spread across the globe, so we strive to empower every member of our team. That same attitude of positivity, inclusion, and straightforwardness carries over to our clients: we want every product creator and supplier to feel they’re part of something bigger – and backed by a company that’s committed to helping them succeed.

Elizabeth Heath

Written by

Elizabeth Heath

Liz is a writer and editor based in central Italy.

Connect with Elizabeth Heath on LinkedIn.

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