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Creating new beauty products just got easy.

Finally, a platform where beauty brands and cosmetic creators can imagine, plan, and develop new beauty products delightfully—and get to market faster.

  • Ideation Space

    Get inspiration for your beauty product. Share images, notes and ideas.

  • Product Brief

    Save time getting quotes, and plan development like a pro with the Product Brief.

  • Guided Tasks

    Be faster in cosmetic development with Guided Tasks up to market launch.

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How it works

Ideation Space

Dare to have big ideas! Work alone or with a team to brainstorm and gather product ideas in an interactive gallery that gives you the tools to express your unique vision for the next generation of beauty products.

Goldn Brief

Turn your vision for a new beauty product into a plan, and get ready to create! The Goldn Brief is your project’s development—presented logically and clearly, so you and your team know exactly what’s ahead.

Guided Tasks

Start cosmetic product development with peace of mind, and a helping hand from Goldn’s guided tasks. Work with confidence through the different phases of cosmetic creation, make and assign tasks and stay on track until launch.

Coming soon

Coming Soon

Goldn for Cosmetic Suppliers

Soon, cosmetic suppliers will be able to work with brands across all phases of product development and showcase their products and services. With more and more brands using the platform, Goldn is a great place for Suppliers and Vendors to generate leads, build relationships, and accelerate their growth.

Create a Product

Cosmetics creation made simple and delightful

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