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The Future of Beauty is Personal

Find brands that need your unique products and services to make new beauty products and create meaningful connections that accelerate your growth.

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Coming soon: Faster, Smarter Solutions for Cosmetic Suppliers

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Faster, Smarter Solutions for Cosmetic Suppliers

The simplest, most efficient way for cosmetic suppliers to reach new customers, streamline workflows and maximize success. Showcase and sell products & services to qualified beauty brands, reduce administrative tasks and engage with brands to drive performance.

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One Platform for Cosmetic Creation & Supply

  • Increase Your Visibility

    Tap into new customer segments and showcase your products & services to a growing number of beauty brands entering the market every year.

  • Make Better Connections

    Connect with qualified brands, supported by data-driven touchpoints and smart recommendations, and engage in relevant contacts that drive results.

  • Easier Collaboration, Faster Results

    Work with partners easily, securely and remotely, through all stages of product development, from anywhere, at any time.

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“A cosmetic product development tool to help beauty brands create formula-based products easier and faster.”

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Cosmetics creation made simple and delightful

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