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You can’t put a price on simple.

The Goldn Product Builder is free for cosmetic creators

We’re rolling out more features for beauty brands and cosmetic product developers all the time. Pricing will be introduced for premium features, but our core functionality will always be free.

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A new way to create beauty products

  • Fast

    Online, centralized, secure software allows individuals & teams access from anywhere, anytime.

  • Collaborative

    Interactive tools reduce unnecessary back-and-forth communications and increase speed.

  • Accessible

    Delightful design and beauty-specific (but not technical!) interfaces empower all kinds of creators.

  • Delightful

    A totally new way to make beauty products—collaboratively, easily & delightfully.

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Goldn Product Builder

The first online, easy-to-use cosmetic product development tool that helps beauty brands & cosmetic product developers work simply and securely to get products to market faster.

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We believe everyone can create something new.

Now with smart, collaborative & easy-to-use technology, beauty brands can work simply & delightfully to develop new cosmetic products—and get products to market faster.

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