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Exciting New Features for Cosmetic Creators on Goldn

Thu Anh Le, Lead Product Manager

Jan 26, 2022 · 5 min read

Creating a beauty product is work, but work can be inspiring, fun, and collaborative. And that was what we set out to reflect when we built the Goldn Product Builder for Cosmetic Creators.

At the end of September last year, we launched the Goldn platform, which aimed to help cosmetic creation teams create product briefs, come up with new ideas, and communicate more efficiently. Our 3 key pillars when designing the product: guidance, collaboration, and organization.

Creating and launching a cosmetic product is a complex process, and so is building a platform to support (and improve) that process! That's why at Goldn, we’re continuously iterating, adding more features, working with our users and challenging ourselves on how we can make the platform better and easier to use.

Here’s a recap of the new features that we released just in the last three months:

1. New Product Builder Layout & Navigation


Recommendations will appear within each Product Builder to help guide you through the next steps. They will keep being updated over time with content and action items ✌️

Goldn Product Builder Recommendations

Quickly reference information with the new support panel

Need to reference your Ideation Board and tasks while working on your Product Brief? Overloaded with too many tabs?

Now you can have it all - with the new support panel, you can quickly expand to relevant information across different parts of the workspace without losing track of your current work.

Your Builder Space now consists of two parts: Work and Support

Goldn Product Builder Support Panel

Reference your Ideation Board, Tasks, and News & Trends while working on the Product Brief.

News & Trends

We added a News & Trends section to your workspace so you can get the latest industry updates at the tip of your mouse click! 🖱️

Goldn Product Builder News and Trends

2. Auto-save Product Brief Fields

Connection dropped before you could hit Save? The browser crashed mid-way? Not a problem!

As you enter data into your brief, your inputs will automatically be saved. We get it - the brief is a lot of work.

3. Improved Secure Share product brief

Within the Product Builder, you have the option to share the brief securely with collaborators, and especially with vendors.

However, a lot of times, it is not easy to get vendors to respond to your requests, or give them the right information so they can effectively help your team.

That’s why we added a guided flow to help you quickly answer the critical questions, so that you nail the most important parts of your brief and improve your chances of getting a vendor response.

Anything else that you’d like to see added to the workspace? Let us know!

Thu Anh Le, Lead Product Manager

Written by

Thu Anh Le, Lead Product Manager

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