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General Brief

Define your overall specifications, such as product, branding, and target market information.

Target Markets

Select the countries you wish to sell your product. Entering this information will help us help you identify regulatory requirements based on the geographic location that affect the product’s formulation, packaging, and graphic content.

Market Positioning

In this section, select where you see your product being sold. We provide popular options, but you can also add your own.

Target Retail Price

Providing the estimated retail price of your product will help you create a budget for product development.

Primary Market Claims

These features will help identify what to consider when creating product messaging and packaging. Some claims may require additional testing to meet regulatory requirements.

The Goldn Brief offers a large variety of market claims to select. Click Show more suggestions to see an expanded list.

You have completed the General Brief! Now it is time to move into your Formula Brief.


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