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Welcome to Goldn’s blog. We hope you find it informative.

Richard Block

May 5, 2021 · 7 min read


Hi. We’re Goldn. Thank you for visiting.

This blog will be a place for us to share innovative concepts and helpful, inspiring content. We are on a mission to revolutionize collaboration in formula-based product development, and this is a cornerstone of that effort.

As we strive to help businesses bring products to market faster and more cost-effectively, part of that mission is to provide reliable industry knowledge and market data. Here, you’ll find a wealth of information that you can use to accomplish your goals.

At Goldn, we know that when you develop a product workflow, making a plan and a budget are important, but they are not everything. We know that formula-based products are often “emotional”—for example, personal-care products, including cosmetics. The best ones are a delight to use.

We want to bring the same delight to the product development process, as well. We know that not every product creator or brand owner has an extensive technical background. That should not keep you from confidently communicating your vision to partners who can help you bring it to life.

We want creators to be able to play with ideas, innovate, interact with like-minded counterparts and potential industry partners, and create new and exciting products.

And information is useful only if it’s communicated clearly. On Goldn, creators will be able to define their product idea and complete a guided product brief, so they can engage with suppliers confidently and in a way that makes their business attractive to industry providers.

Some of the features Goldn will offer include:

  1. Ideation and inspiration spaces.
  2. A Product Builder, where you can jump right into the creation process.
  3. End-to-end collaboration platforms.
  4. Task-management tools.
  5. Thorough vendor databases and listings.

As we progress, we’ll be inviting experts on topics relevant to formulation-driven industries to share their knowledge here on our blog. We share technical information, inspirational stories and case studies, information on industry trends, and more.

We invite suggestions for topics you’d like us to cover, as well! You can leave us a comment below or get in touch by email or on social media.

Goldn is building the first-ever total digital ecosystem specifically for formulation-driven industries. We find solutions. We enable connections and collaboration. We bring the entire process under one roof, making a complex process more linear and streamlined. We save users time and money, boosting both their bottom line and their delight in creating.

We’re glad to have you here, and we invite you to stay aboard.

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“We’re glad to have you here, and we invite you to stay aboard.”

Written by

Richard Block

Richard Block is an editorial jack-of-all-trades at Goldn

Connect with Richard Block on LinkedIn.


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